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Ingram Digital Outlaw Q&A: Account and Project Management with Kerry Brind’Amour


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Project Management

Kerry Brind’Amour is a recent but crucial addition to our Ingram Digital Outlaw team. As we grow and take on more work, we are more and more in need of someone to keep us organized and on schedule. While you might think that a team of freelancers are pros at staying on top of deadlines, Kerry has been so valuable in communicating with clients and updating timelines when projects shift on a dime. Learn more about how you can set your agency and brand apart with quality account management and project management in the following Q&A:

What is your career background and how did you get started in your project management career?

I got my start in the market research industry back in 2014. I was the facility manager at a research and focus group facility in Philly where we hosted and managed research projects within every industry you can imagine. From mock trials to product and advertising testing to 1:1 interviews with surgeons. I did this for some years before wanting to get strictly into the project management side in the research and consultancy world.

I love running projects - dealing with the minutia, the behind-the-scenes, all of the analytical thinking and problem solving that I do in the background to make a project run smoothly for everyone. In 2021 I took the leap to freelance project management which has opened up my world substantially in getting to manage projects of all different types, I’m loving it!

Not only am I feeling so lucky to get this professional experience in the digital marketing agency world, but also that I’m doing it for a woman who empowers freelancers from all different backgrounds and specialties.

Do you have past agency experience? What were the pros and cons of your past agency relationships?

In the past, my experience with agencies was purely in a vendor relationship and management capacity. I would often manage the agency relationships on behalf of an end client while running a brand or ad campaign for them or managing a long standing tracking study. I only look back at it as a pro, it gave me a glimpse into the agency world - what their processes are, general timelines, the creatives that were married to the research we’d be doing. Really getting to see the real time connection between the research and agency world was invaluable.  

What’s your favorite part of what you do for IDC?

I love that Megan has given me an opportunity to flex my PM muscles. Project management, at its core, is keeping things on track from a timing and financial perspective, but also a people and relationship management standpoint.

What drew you to become an Ingram Digital Outlaw?

I mean, how cool is it that the Outlaw team is this brilliant hive mind of folks all over the world, with all different backgrounds and experiences?! I wanted to be on that team. Megan’s approach to digital marketing is special and it is bold. We are a diverse crew and we are all here because Megan wants to have great talent on call to support each project.

What are your secret strategies about interacting with clients?

I don’t know if any of these are secrets, but I think a key strategy I live by is building real relationships with clients. Only then can you have an environment of trust between both parties. I’m also a firm believer in honesty always - even when there is an issue at hand. Anytime a problem comes up, I strive to offer multiple solutions of how we can fix it.  

What is your favorite social media channel and why?

LinkedIn is my go to during the week. It’s a critical tool for me to maintain connections with my network, and also work to expand it. In my downtime it has to be Instagram. It’s quick and easy digestible content that can give my brain a break while I mindlessly scroll!

Project Management
Ingram Digital Outlaw
Janelle Zacherl

May 11, 2022