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We are analysts, strategists, planners, developers, copywriters, and designers hailing from top tier backgrounds and with industry acumen. We brand ourselves as 'Digital Outlaws' to best address ever-changing business needs across global digital communities.
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Prior to 2019, IDC focused on short term contracts that enabled small to mid-sized companies to leverage opportunities previously afforded to big business. As organizations adapted peak pandemic, and keep to an online operational model, this strategy continues to serve us well — IDC offers both short-term and long-term business services.

Unique to IDC is our objective to pinpoint and retain top global freelance talent. Our Digital Outlaws enjoy using their skills across a broad spectrum of initiatives; introducing new ideas for new challenges. We service retail, non-profit, transportation, technology, government liaised organizations, and more.

Why freelancers? By curating experienced independent talent, we reduce overhead and geographic limitations while increasing the quality of production and output.

Are You A Digital Outlaw?

Are you curious about data? Are you a creative thinker? Are you business savvy, independent and socially aware? Does alternative culture appeal to you? Become a part of our growing team as a:

  • Freelance Analyst

  • Freelance Data Scientist

  • Freelance Content Planner

  • Freelance Project Manager

  • Freelance Copywriter

  • Freelance Content Writer

  • Freelance Web Developer

  • Freelance Designer

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Meet Our Core Team

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Megan Ingram Ingram Digital Consulting CEO and Founder

Megan Ingram


Megan has a 10-year background in digital marketing and started her agency career at Finn Partners. Her passion is building brand stories by informing digital strategy with analytics and research. She’s helped many brands revitalize and improve their digital marketing processes to fuel better digital strategy, content development, marketing workflows, and overall improved account and project management - working with major brands such as Google, YouTube, Capital One, Shell, and REI.

Megan launched Ingram Digital Consulting in 2020; merging data analytics and digital strategy into bold brand storytelling. She’s consulted with many small and medium-sized brands across a variety of industries including consumer, health care, technology, B2B, non-profit, and government. Additionally, she hosts the marketing and business podcast: Your Brand. Your Story.

Megan loves attending sporting events, riding her Peloton, drinking coffee, and would consider herself a foodie. Originally from Pennsylvania, she currently resides in NYC. Megan has an MBA from University of Pittsburgh, and Bachelor of Science from The University of Maryland.

Janelle Zacherl Digital Strategist 
and Copywriter
Janelle Zacherl
Strategist & Copywriter

Janelle is a respected Ph.D. and scientist from Pittsburgh, PA. Curious, detail-oriented, and interested in digital marketing, she’s passionate about science, and understanding digital marketing and trends — and how they relate. She uses her experience to come up with inventive pieces for blogs and social media, both internally and for client brands, while also finding her way through every data analysis tool a job requires.

Janelle believes that data is where science and marketing meet. With this philosophy top of mind, she's worked with Qiagen, Brightbill Transportation, Woolf Eye Lab, Western Missouri Medical Center, Cardiff Oncology, and Precision for Medicine.

Kerry Brind'Amour Senior Project Manager
Kerry Brind'Amour
Sr. Project Manager

Kerry is a successful and disciplined project manager, and co-owner of Broad Project Solutions — a freelance project management firm based out of Philadelphia. An analytical thinker at heart, she finds joy in details, problem solving, and identifying solutions that lift up others to do their best work.

Kerry supports companies within the market research and digital marketing industries with all things project management; keeping timelines, tasks, budgets and people on track and on schedule. She’s worked with major Fortune 500 companies such as Vanguard, BlackRock and Northwestern Mutual. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, motorcycle rides, crossword puzzles and her Pomeranian, Meatball.

Diane Boichut Freelance Creative Director
Diane Boichut
Creative Director

Founder of 321message, Diane is an award winning web designer, developer and respected creative who has served on a variety of digital, technology and marketing teams to create art and commerce for a wide range of clients — moving seamlessly between online, print and video; email, social & presentation.

Based in Chicago, Diane has served a number of high profile accounts such as The City of Chicago, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Northrop Grumman, Better Homes & Gardens, CareerBuilder, and Prudential Private Capital; recognized brands such as Olaplex, JellyBelly, PepsiCo, Noble Outfitters, and Sfoglini Pasta NYC; as well as ground-breaking start-ups such as Union Hall Advising, Cappex, and SMS Assist.

Kelly Lamano Senior Copywriter
Kelly Lamano
Sr. Copywriter

Kelly is the founder of Sunshine Media Marketing in Orlando, FL. She works with businesses to tell their stories through email marketing, photography, and interview features. With a background in print and digital media, Kelly is passionate about sharing well-researched information in a clear yet interesting way. Her work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Guitar Magazine, Really Good Emails, Mecum Auctions, Orlando and Tampa Style magazines, Braintrust, and Orlando Date Night Guide.

As a community builder, she founded Orlando Freelancers Union SPARK to host workshops for freelancers and small business owners. In 2020, she co-founded and organized an international virtual conference that welcomed attendees from 24 countries and raised $5,000+ in donations for the Freelancers Relief Fund.

Hannah Kiboro Virtual Assistant
Hannah Kiboro
Virtual Assistant

Hannah is a multi-talented, multi-skilled Virtual Assistant from Kenya. She holds an MSc in Computer Information Systems and has nearly a decade of experience in technical customer service.

Curious about digital marketing with an interest and passion for lead generation, email marketing, and content marketing, Hannah has worked with Namataste Nutrition, Spot and Felix, UVU Training, Careal Bayo, Career Pathways, and Asfalis Advisors. In her free time, she enjoys hiking.

Ingram Digital Consulting is proud to work with BA Enterprises, an organization that sources marketing talent from developing countries and underserved nations. We are delighted to have Hannah as a member of our Digital Outlaws team.

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