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Data Done Differently.

We're data nerds.  Underlying raw data can be hard to read, uncover and formulate. To do this, we utilize unique research tools and methods — where most agencies are simply untrained, unaware, or unable to do so.


There's no such thing as bad data. And the more you know, the better your brand strategy and authenticity will be.  Who are your real competitors? Where are your best consumers located? Are you using the right words? And do those words mean what you think they do to your audience?

Marketing Analytics Program Planning System (MAPPS)

The IDC methodology creates the vital foundation from which that authentic story can sprout. We aggregate and analyze data from every single corner of your business, the market landscape, and customer demographics to thoroughly understand your current digital identity, look for future complications, and discover untapped potential.

The MAPPS methodology includes:

  • Keyword Research

  • Audience & Market Insights

  • Conversation Analysis

  • Competitive Review

  • Influencer Identification

For more, read about each phase of our MAPPS method below.

Keyword Research

How are people finding you? Knowing what leads people to find you is crucial to developing your brand story. We optimize your entire website using a mix of strategically and artfully chosen keywords based on search volume, difficulty, and competitiveness to find your best search opportunities.

American Veterans Center

After data mining and account strategizing, American Veterans Center’s monthly views and weekly subscribers increased by 400%. Today, their YouTube channel averages 2M views per month with +134k subscribers.  

Audience & Market Insights

Demographics, trends, and behaviors help craft a precise targeting and media approach. Our audience research will help you plot out a pathway and speech that appeals to your prospective clients.

Conversation Analysis

There are hidden insights in every digital conversation. What drives the conversation around your business? Is the sentiment positive? Uncover the actionable intelligent insights to improve your marketing tactics and uncover opportunities across brand, customer, and market segments.

"We have a social data organization problem.”

31% of organizations have no social data democratization, and 52% have no knowledge of how data is used across their organization. But 80% agree that social data provides unique insights. MAPPS helps senior stakeholders make better and informed decisions.

Competitive Review

The competitor landscape is ripe with useful data — what are your competitors doing right? What are they doing wrong? Our competitor analysis will allow you to make marketplace benchmarks and identify prime opportunities.   

Influencer Identification

Use the rise and prevalence of social influencers to amplify and spread your business message. How do you find the right fit and the right people? We rifle through the large ecosystem of influencers, vet, and select the proper people to represent your brand and champion your message.

Once all of your data has been aggregated and analyzed (thanks, MAPPS!), it’s time to do the heavy lifting — digitally speaking.



The raw data in its entirety (from MAPPS) is then woven together — laying out clearly and strategically the myriad of ways your business can impress and interact with current, previous, and prospective customers across a multi-channel strategy that includes messaging, lead generation, and influencer marketing.

The roadmap covers:

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Tactical Marketing Strategy


Our diverse team of professional, talented, and vetted Digital Outlaws can supplement your on-staff content and design team/s or fully manage, develop, and deliver entire aspects of your data-driven brand story communication campaigns.

We carefully pair the right Outlaw for your project to provide:

  • Account, Project & Campaign Management

  • Creative Production

  • Web Development

  • Copywriting

  • Content Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing


A critical part of executing the new roadmap (and any new strategy, really) is the continual intake and analysis of data. Setting metrics for success and consistently analyzing the incoming data is just the tip of the iceberg.

As the resident data nerds, we take pride in all of the data we aggregate, analyze, and mine for treasures through:

  • Data Analysis & Tracking

  • Social Listening & Monitoring

  • Platform Analytics

  • Cadence Reporting

  • Dashboard & Data Visualization