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How Fashion Brands Can Exceed Email Marketing Benchmarks


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Email Marketing

It can be hard to stand out in the competitive world of email marketing for fashion brands. We’ve all received the generic “welcome” email after the first purchase and the reminder of an abandoned cart. Most of us shop online these days, so a follow-up email is expected. But how do fashion brands stay out of the virtual trash can and lead to more satisfying results? Here are four ways you can create more fresh, personalized email content that drives user engagement, website traffic, and conversions.

Curate a look and share with consumers using influencer partnerships.

Instead of a bland email push to buy random products, consider putting together a look to encourage purchasing of multiple products at once. Subscription clothing brand Stitch Fix often works on referral, but also by advertising a personalized stylist approach. Showing off a “style” more than just single pieces will entice your email audience. It doesn’t have to necessarily feature a model, either.

Incorporating popular Instagram influencers into an email marketing campaign can make it more relatable to consumers and bring in a great partnership with an influencer simultaneously. Many fashion influencers are followed purely for outfit selection and fashion choice. For example, Bravo reality star, Stassi Schroeder Clark, came up with the hashtag #OOTD for “outfit of the day.” The daily topic was embraced by her fans. When asked, users reported that Instagram was the most influential platform with 87% of those surveyed saying most fashion inspiration comes from there.

Identify a unique theme to make your emails clickable.

Many brands are already designing email marketing campaigns with specific colors or fonts. This is not only easy on the eyes. It  conveys a sense of professionalism and quality customer service. But what else do you have to say to your consumers? Brands such as Kate Spade (light pink with florals) and Thrive Cosmetics (teal with lots of UGC) have utilized specific branded colors to identify their brand in email campaigns. Big brands have done their research on this topic. Color psychology is an actual thing when trying to appeal to consumers. With brand’s first impressions, studies say that 85% of the purchase decisions are influenced by attractive colors. But - men prefer bold and women prefer a softer palette. So know your audience before committing to your theme.

In the past few years, brands have embraced advocating for charitable causes as part of their marketing campaigns. BOMBAS is a great example, but there are many fashion brands now stretching their altruistic muscles in order to send messages to consumers. Including charitable habits in your email campaign could certainly help your sales. But, interesting fact, consumers tend to care more about where said brand’s donations are going than how much is given. Again, this comes back to studying an audience and determining what matters to them. Don’t forget to be authentic with your donations in the process.

Encourage a social media response with UGC and influencer amplification.

Influencers play a big role in fashion these days. In a marketing email, include a hashtag to encourage your loyal customers to brag about what they’ve bought from you. Embolden them to share on social media showing their #OOTD or their latest beach look. That’s golden content for UGC. Most influencers would love to be featured on a brand’s account.

Sharing a UGC post from Instagram or another platform within the email marketing campaign can be relatable to customers. UGC is critical for building a brand community. Sometimes, the point of view of brand followers may not be exactly the same as your content creator, but that’s ok. Bringing in people of different view points leads to growth in more ways than one.  

Employ staff who can communicate directly.

Have a central contact responding to email campaigns inquiries. People are less likely to be “miffed” if an actual person responds in a timely manner. It also builds customer loyalty and trust. These days, that’s half the battle - word of mouth.

While UGC is important for promoting a brand community, it also has to be managed. A social media presence through email marketing is no good if no one is responding. All of your fashion brand’s social channels should be monitored regularly.

Keeping up with your email marketing strategy can be tricky, but with the right approach, it’s a great way to drive conversions. Using these tips, you can crush your metrics and exceed the goals for your fashion brand.

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Email Marketing
Janelle Zacherl

August 10, 2022